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The Story of Emma’s Gourmet Popcorn

About Us

Emma’s Gourmet Popcorn was founded in 2006 by our mother Emma Fisher. One of mom’s former jobs had sold a version of this popcorn but after that business moved out of the area they had no more access to it and she began making it to satisfy her cravings for this delicious and addictive snack. Mom started the business after friends and family fell in love with her popcorn and chocolate concoctions.

She had the business in a small shed on her home property and retired in 2010. We moved the business to our home and kept the name. Since then we have added many flavors and items and continue to add more all the time. In August 2022 we opened a new location along Route 340 expanding our store front, adding locally made snacks.

Stop by our retail store e and enjoy taste testing a variety of enticing flavors! Or visit us on Facebook to see pictures of many of the flavors. Then give us a call and order yours to be shipped to you and your friends. It makes a great gift! We look forward to hearing from you!