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Sweet and Salty Popcorn Sprinkledwith Jelly Beans and Liberally Drizzeled with White Chocolate. A Tasty and Festive Combination!

fresh sweet and salty popcorn, completely coated in real peanut butter, and a creamy milk chocolate, topped off with a peanut butter chocolate drizzle

Sweet & salty popcorn popped with colored sanding sugar to match your theme. Though this tastes just like the regular Sweet and Salty popcorn, sanding sugar...

Fresh sweet and salty popcorn, drizzled like our signature Chocolate & P.B.popcorn then topped with pretzel rings,mini peanut butter cups,chocolate gems and...

Popcorn and pretzels drizzled with white chocolate and seasonal choclate candies.

A new twist on peanut butter! Our melt in your mouth Caramel with a peanut butter flavor and peanuts.

Banana Bonanza!! Popcorn drizzled with delicious banana flavored White chocolate, topped off with dried Banana chips and milk chocolate. Perfect gift for...

Kick off your tastebuds! A yummy mix of caramelized Buffalo flavored popcorn and white popcorn covered in blue cheese powder!


Rich, Buttery Goodness! Popcorn with the traditional butter flavor.

Cheddar Popcorn at its best with the tasty flavor of Buttermilk.


It's anything but the standard Caramel Corn! Old fashioned popcorn baked to perfection. An amazing melt in your mouth popcorn the way Grandma used to make:)

Caramel Nut

An amazing melt in your mouth popcorn with pecans and cashews added for a crunch! Not just a kid's snack!