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Popcorn Products

A delicious burst of keylime flavored popcorn, drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkled with graham cracker pieces (WOW!!! is this really popcorn?)

Three large bags of popcorn.The perfect gift for a family!

6 small bags of our most popular flavors!

Kraft Trio Box

A window box with 3 medium bags of our most popular flavors.

Maple Pecan

Get your own bag! Delicious maple flavored Caramel popcorn with pecans.

Mason Jar Gift Bag

3-qt. sized mason jars filled with popcorn of our choice. the jars are sealed and popcorn will stay fresh tasting up to a year. If you want a choc. flavor...

Medium Oval Tin

A medium size Popcorn Gift Basket! 3 medium and 2 small bags of assorted popcorn will arrive nestled in your choice of oval tin container. As usual we always...

Cute little gifts! Wrapped individually in clear bags. Popcorn drizzled with choc. & peanut butter topped with assorted candies. A taste of our popcorn...

It's Party Time! This 13 in.Party tray is layered with Sweet & Salty Popcorn, Creamy Milk, White, Peanut Butter chocolates, & with seasonal colored candy...

It's Party Time! This 13 in.Party tray is layered with Caramel popcorn, Creamy milk chocolate, pretzels and assorted choc. candy toppings.Try this for a...