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Popcorn Products

Sweet & Salty Popcorn drizzled with dark confectionery chocolate. Your chocolate indulgence. GF

Get two in one! A blend of our Sweet Cheddar and Caramel.

A healthy choice! Traditional Yeast is mixed with a garlic salt & pepper seasoning and sprinkled on our Sweet & Salty popcorn. A perfectly seasoned...

Round Tin with chalkboard includes 3 bags of popcorn! 1 medium chocolate and 2 medium savory popcorns.

Nestled in a cute Jute box w/lid you'll find the following ,Choc. Caramel Espresso and Sweet & Salty Popcorn, Chocolate Coffee Beans, 2- Biscotti,...

Local made crate is filled with 6 quart size jars of sealed popcorn. Popcorn should stay good up to 6 months. Entire crate & contents are then wrapped in...

Gift Cube Basket

Square Jute Cube filled with 1 each of three sizes of popcorn of our choice. We will send some of the most popular flavors.

Paper board container filled with 6 medium bags of our favorite choices of popcorn! Call or email to customize your popcorn choices.

Lg. Jute Basket filled with assorted popcorn. 3 large bags, 3 med bags of delicious fresh popped popcorn. includes 1 each of the following: lg. Sw. & Salty,...

A med. size wooden box filled with popcorn. Includes 6 med bags of delicious flavored popcorn. As always we choose some of our most popular flavors. Please...

Sweet honey and tangy mustard flavors sprinkled and baked on freshly popped popcorn. (a perfect tangy twist)