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Popcorn Products

Caramel, chocolate, and nuts! a favorite gift for the special person in your life. Cashews and pecans caramelized with our signature baked Caramel popcorn....

Cashews , pecans, & Popcorn pieces and combined with chocolate! A delicious combo anyone will love.

A sweet & crunchy perfection! Popcorn drizzled with delicious Dark chocolate and White chocolate. Topped off with dried Cranberries and Almond slices!

An amazing combination of caramelized maple flavored Caramel popcorn tossed with Pecans, and drizzled with white chocolate. Topped with real caramelized...

A kiss of mint! Creamy mint flavored dark confectionery chocolate drizzled over our popular Sweet & Salty popcorn creating a sweet and refreshing flavor. GF

Chocolate Mocha

Mocha confectionery chocolate drizzled upon our popular Sweet & Salty popcorn. Topped with chocolate covered coffee beans to concoct the perfect Mocha...

Cinnamon, pecans, and buttery caramelized popcorn drizzled with white confectionery chocolate. The true taste of a cinnamon bun - without the gluten, of...

Crunchy Sweet & Salty popcorn and toasted coconut tumbled in coconut flavored white confectionery chocolate. A surprisingly delicious flavor. GF

Chocolate cookies, dark and white confectionery chocolate, and Sweet & Salty popcorn make a great combo when you mix them.

Sweet & Salty Popcorn drizzled with dark confectionery chocolate. Your chocolate indulgence. GF

Get two in one! A blend of our Sweet Cheddar and Caramel.

A healthy choice! Traditional Yeast is mixed with a garlic salt & pepper seasoning and sprinkled on our Sweet & Salty popcorn. A perfectly seasoned...