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Popcorn Products

A new twist on peanut butter! Our melt in your mouth Caramel with a peanut butter flavor.

Sweet & salty popcorn popped with colored sanding sugar to match your theme. Though this tastes just like the regular Sweet and Salty popcorn, sanding sugar...

Banana Bonanza!! Banana flavored white chocolate & milk confectionery chocolate drizzled over Sweet & salty popcorn. Topped with crunchy dried bananas. GF

Bar-B-Q Popcorn

Who needs the chicken? Sweet and salty popcorn with a tangy BBQ flavor. Serve BBQ Popcorn at your summer picnic!

Kick off your tastebuds! A delectable mix of caramelized Buffalo flavored popcorn and savory popcorn coated with bleu cheese powder! GF


Rich, Buttery Goodness! Popcorn with the traditional butter flavor. GF

Cheddar Popcorn at its best with the tasty flavor of Buttermilk. GF


Old fashioned popcorn truly baked to perfection. An amazing melt in your mouth popcorn the way Grandma used to make:) A best seller! GF

Festively fall!!! Our delicious baked Caramel Corn mixed with Apple flavored popcorn topped with crunchy apple chips. GF

NEW for 2019! A caramel and coffee blend creates this unique and tantalizing flavor of macchiato.

Caramel Nut

An amazing melt in your mouth popcorn made with our authentic Caramel Corn. Sprinkled with pecans and cashews for an added crunch. Not just a kid's snack! GF

Cheesy Crab

If you like crabs with old bay seasoning, you will absolutely love this savory popcorn! No sugar added popcorn tossed in our own special version of old bay.

Unsweetened popcorn tumbled in a dark confectionery chocolate and topped with toasted coconut and almond slices. Drizzled with a bit of white confectionery...

Milk and peanut butter confectionery chocolate drizzled over Sweet & Salty popcorn. One of the first unique flavors we created and still remains a customer...

Coffee Lovers Beware! Our signature Caramel Popcorn drizzled with dark confectionery chocolate and topped off with fresh ground Italian coffee beans. Truly...

Caramel, chocolate, and nuts! a favorite gift for the special person in your life. Cashews and pecans caramelized with our signature baked Caramel popcorn....

Cashews , pecans, & Popcorn pieces and combined with chocolate! A delicious combo anyone will love.

An amazing combination of caramelized maple flavored Caramel popcorn tossed with Pecans, and drizzled with white chocolate. Topped with real caramelized...

A kiss of mint! Creamy mint flavored dark confectionery chocolate drizzled over our popular Sweet & Salty popcorn creating a sweet and refreshing flavor. GF

Chocolate Mocha

Mocha confectionery chocolate drizzled upon our popular Sweet & Salty popcorn. Topped with chocolate covered coffee beans to concoct the perfect Mocha...

Cinnamon, pecans, and buttery caramelized popcorn drizzled with white confectionery chocolate. The true taste of a cinnamon bun - without the gluten, of...

Crunchy Sweet & Salty popcorn and toasted coconut tumbled in coconut flavored white confectionery chocolate. A surprisingly delicious flavor. GF

Chocolate cookies, dark and white confectionery chocolate, and Sweet & Salty popcorn make a great combo when you mix them.

Sweet & Salty Popcorn drizzled with dark confectionery chocolate. Your chocolate indulgence. GF

Get two in one! A blend of our Sweet Cheddar and Caramel.

A healthy choice! Traditional Yeast is mixed with a garlic salt & pepper seasoning and sprinkled on our Sweet & Salty popcorn. A perfectly seasoned...

Round Tin with chalkboard includes 3 bags of popcorn! 1 medium chocolate and 2 medium savory popcorns.

Local made crate is filled with 6 quart size jars of sealed popcorn. Popcorn should stay good up to 6 months. Entire crate & contents are then wrapped in...

Gift Cube Basket

Square Jute Cube filled with 1 each of three sizes of popcorn of our choice. We will send some of the most popular flavors.

Paper board container filled with 6 medium bags of our favorite choices of popcorn! Call or email to customize your popcorn choices.

Lg. Jute Basket filled with assorted popcorn. 3 large bags, 3 med bags of delicious fresh popped popcorn. includes 1 each of the following: lg. Sw. & Salty,...

A med. size wooden box filled with popcorn. Includes 6 med bags of delicious flavored popcorn. As always we choose some of our most popular flavors. Please...

Sweet honey and tangy mustard flavors sprinkled and baked on freshly popped popcorn. (a perfect tangy twist)

A delicious burst of keylime flavored popcorn, drizzled with white chocolate and sprinkled with graham cracker pieces (WOW!!! is this really popcorn?)

Three large bags of popcorn.The perfect gift for a family!

6 small bags of our most popular flavors!

Kraft Trio Box

A window box with 3 medium bags of our most popular flavors.

Maple Pecan

Get your own bag! Delicious maple flavored Caramel popcorn with pecans.

Mason Jar Gift Bag

3-qt. sized mason jars filled with popcorn of our choice. the jars are sealed and popcorn will stay fresh tasting up to a year. If you want a choc. flavor...

Medium Oval Tin

A medium size Popcorn Gift Basket! 3 medium and 2 small bags of assorted popcorn will arrive nestled in your choice of oval tin container. As usual we always...

It's scary good! whoooo would've thought white chocolate popcorn, peanuts, candy corn and Reese's Pieces could be so good?! We were all pleasantly...

Small But Mighty! This 9 inch platter is layered with Popcorn, drizzled with creamy Chocolate, and sprinkled with candy toppings. It is the perfect size for...

It's Party Time! This 13 in.Party tray is layered with Sweet & Salty Popcorn, Creamy Milk, White, Peanut Butter chocolates, & with seasonal colored candy...

It's Party Time! This 13 in.Party tray is layered with Caramel popcorn, Creamy milk chocolate, pretzels and assorted choc. candy toppings.Try this for a...

It's Party Time! This square party tray is layered with Sweet & Salty popcorn, Creamy milk chocolate, Peanut Butter Choc., White Choc., Reeses, pretzels, and...